LEC 99% Pure Water Wet Sheets With Case Melody/Hello Kitty/Doraemon/Gudetama 80sheet 99%纯水盒装湿纸巾 80抽

  • Moistened with a formula consisting of 99.9% purified water.Safe to be used on toddlers,children,and adults for hands,face,or body cleansing
  • No parabens,alcohol & fragrance free
  • Extra soft non-woven sheets
  • Made by full automatic production line in a cleanroom
  • 含有99.9%纯净水的配方。
  • 可安全用于幼儿,儿童和成人手部,面部或身体清洁 不含防腐剂,酒精和香精
  • 超柔软无纺布
  • 在洁净室由全自动生产线生产蛋黃哥 GUDETAMA 濕紙巾(頭型盒裝) 4903320482531蛋黃哥 GUDETAMA 濕紙巾(頭型盒裝) 4903320482531“鸡蛋哥 湿纸巾”的图片搜索结果LEC Doraemon Anime Wet Wipes 80sheets“MELODY 湿纸巾”的图片搜索结果“MELODY 湿纸巾”的图片搜索结果

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