SHISEIDO Fullmake Washable Base 35g 资生堂FWB隔离妆前乳


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Fullmake Washable Base is water-based to provide skin with the most moisturizing nutrients for a primer that also hydrates. The "washable" element utilizes Veil Action Polymer which allows makeup to be washed away with only warm water, nothing else! FWB creates a smooth transparent base canvas for long-lasting makeup and lipstick. Unscented and formulated with brightening power to accentuate skin's natural glow as well as powder that hides large pores for fresh flawless base.
Use 1-2 pearl-sized amount and gently apply thin veil of product onto face before makeup application. Use fingers to evenly distribute makeup throughout face, can also be applied to lips as lip primer. Apply makeup on top after.
To remove makeup, only warm water is needed as the washable formula allows for makeup to come right off. Rinse well and dry. Moisturize.



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